Horton Wolfe

Our agenda reflects the forces transforming your markets and the changing demands of customers

Financial Wellbeing

  • Which financial goals do customers most want help to achieve?
  • Which providers will they trust to help them and how?
  • Which emerging technologies will strengthen financial management and regulated advice?

Ownership vs. Experience

  • How are attitudes to asset ownership changing by age, aspiration and affluence?
  • How will technology make it easier to deliver goods as managed services?
  • How will these changes affect consumer and commercial lending businesses?

Payments Disruption

  • Who are the most important disruptors in the payments ecosystem?
  • What vulnerabilities are those disruptors exploiting, and how should incumbent banks respond?

Customer Journeys

  • What do great financial journeys look like? In payments, savings and lending; in life and general insurance?
  • How can firms embed an effective journey mapping capability, and adapt to changing customer needs?

Connected Health

  • How will connected health innovation impact on the cost to manage major chronic diseases?
  • Who has successfully instilled healthy living behaviour and how?
  • What part will technology play in transforming healthcare outcomes?

IT Roles and Capabilities

  • How are FS IT organisations changing to support customer-focused design and delivery?
  • Which new capabilities are critical to their success, and why?